About Me:
I am a scientist in an energy related field.  I grew up in a small town in Central North Dakota.

2005 A.A.S. Electronics
2009 B.S Geology
Many additional computer science, environmental, and economics courses taken.
(way more credit hours than I care to disclose)

I will likely continue my education at some point, but for now my occupation is better than any class room.

Stance on major topics: (subject to change and modification if new data is presented)

I take issue with people who intentionally misinform the public for personal gain.

Very mixed political views.

– Global climate change is real there is no argument, but  people may play a smaller role than we give ourselves credit for.

– CO2 is not the only thing causing climate change. The problem is significantly more complex than a single gas, but it does play a role.

– Energy is finite and we should start moving toward local power generation. I’m defiantly not a hippie, but it is a bad plan to rely on people who hate you.

-Natural gas will become much more important in the future because of its domestic abundance.

-Renewable energy is ideal, but is not realistic in the near future.  I have crunched the numbers and it just is not going to happen any time soon. (I do expect development to outpace other energy sources)

– Most environmental groups are full of crap, are typically uninformed, and get in the way of progress for everyone.  It is hard to fix problems when someone puts the breaks on before you even get started. It is important to make mistakes that are worth making.  I liken most environmental groups to ambulance chasing lawyers and they typically cause more damage than good. (This is true for all energy sources)

Sub Sites:
Energy Site: Houses all new energy related posts. Posts in the section are often controversial in nature, but the real goal is to make people think. In general, I advocate the use of all energy source. Restricting energy use is like trying to fight a battle with one arm behind your back and your feet shackled. Some energy sources have clear advantages over others, but using all sources is the only option if continued growth it to be sustained.

Photography Site: Anything I find interesting.

Projects Site: All new DYI projects, and anything I have had to figure out that will save someone else time.