Another not dead post

First off, let me apologize for the down time. The site had a bad update that took it down for nearly a month. I was unaware of the problem because I was not checking at all.

Several things have been going on in my life. I won’t go into much detail, but I recently switched jobs so all of you green energy folks can call me an industry troll. I’m not sure how long I will stick with this job, but for now it seems OK. The pay is better than my previous gig and I get free time in larger blocks.

There are several “How to” articles coming. I have not posted links on here yet, but they are coming. You can click on “projects if you would like to have access a little early”

I plan on bringing several of my sites back online so I probably will not be dedicating much time to the blog. Because of my recent occupation change I may avoid any energy articles for now. They preform relatively poorly in terms of traffic anyway.

Google street view is getting crazy

In my internet travels I came across this today… Google Street Mount Fuji.

Google 1024x576 Google street view is getting crazy

Google Street Capture Mount Fuji

Capture 1024x537 Google street view is getting crazy

Google Earth Capture Mount Fuji

Now you can be a lazy mountaineer too.,124.2,,0,-16.47&cbll=35.370573,138.739&ie=UTF8&source=embed&ll=35.351256,138.739128&spn=0.067205,0.146255&z=12

Upper Midwest Gold

New side project is now up an running. UMWGOLD.COM

The state sites are now active. The site features a calendar of events for the entire region and a map were people have found gold in our area. I also ported over a couple of my posts regarding gold in Minnesota and North Dakota.

The forum is also off to a good start thanks to support from the Minnesota Twin Cities prospectors. FORUM.UMWGOLD.COM

Key Phrases:
Michigan Gold Prospectors, Wisconsin Gold Prospectors, Minnesota Gold Prospectors, North Dakota Gold Prospectors, Iowa Gold Prospectors

Upper Midwest Gold Prospectors Forum

I started a new site for the Minnesota gold prospectors. Since a frame work needed to be built we decided to cover the entire Upper Midwest.

The forum will allow users around the area to communicate regarding prospecting in Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, and the UP of Michigan. We hope to grow a nice community for the region’s gold prospectors, hobbyist metal detectors, Treasure hunters and Rockhounds.

Each State also gets its own information site with a central area for scheduling across the upper Midwest.

Please click on the title of this post to join the forum.

The state sub-sites will come online as the content for each site becomes available. If you are affiliated with any of the regions prospector clubs and would like to contribute information please let me know here or on the forum. My user name is Moto or Ben depending on the site.

North Dakota Gold Deposits

In this post I quickly look at this history of gold mining in North Dakota and go on to explain possible locations that gold could exist in pre-glacial river deposits.

pre glacial rivers copy North Dakota Gold Deposits

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