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Original Post Feb 12 2010

NOAA and the USGS have released an initial projection for spring flooding in the Devils Lake region.,1,1,1,1,1,1,1&toggles=10,7,8,2,9,15,6

Probability of Devils Lake Flooding in 2010

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Devils Lake Flood Forecast

Devils Lake Flood Forecast

Update 1: Feb 22 2010
I looks like the national weather service has slightly decreased the lake level expectation for the spring. There is now a 90 percent chance of the lake hitting 1,450.9 feet, which will likely surpass the record of 1,450.73 feet. The new prediction shows about a 35% chance that the lake will surpass 1,452, which represents a 25% drop from 60 percent three weeks ago.

I really don’t understand why they dropped the estimate. Keep in mind their predictions are just a best guess, and it is better to assume that the lake will get to at least 1,452 sometime during the summer. All it takes is one or two big snow storms or a single large rain event to completely change the model.
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Updated Devils Lake Exceedance Probability 2010
(Feb Update)
Updated Devils Lake Flood Level Probability 2010

Update 2: March 9 2010

It appears that I was right to question lowering the expected level. NOAA has increased the expected lake level again.

Probability forecast for Devils Lake level over the next 90 Days

Exceedance Probability forecast for Devils Lake level over the next 90 Days

Devils Lake Level Probability by Week For summer 2010

Devils Lake Level Probability by Week for summer 2010

We will see if the rain this week has any affect on the flood outlook for Devils Lake.   It is certainly going to put a dent in the snow pack.