GRAND FORKS (AP) — Two bridges connecting Grand Forks with East Grand Forks, Minn., are being closed as the Red River continues to rise.

The Point and Sorlie bridges are to close Thursday (March 18 2010). The National Weather Service is predicting a river crest in the cities at between 47 and 49 feet early next week, which would make the approaches to the bridges impassable.

Motorists still will be able to cross the Kennedy Bridge.

The Greenway along the river also is being closed to the public. The closure includes two city parks and a dog park.

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It sort of irritates me that the city close the Greenway every time the water comes up now.  Last year it was understandable, because it was easy to slide down the dike walls into the water, but this year most of the snow will be gone by Thursday.  If people are not doing something dumb they should be able to walk where they want.

We’ll see I might change my mind if the water gets as high as it did last year, but it still kind of stupid that the police  can ticket you for taking pictures.

Update 1 March 17 11:22 AM:

The University of North Dakota has activated the UND Flood Center web site to help inform the University community about flood-related information.  You can find the site at  There also is a link to the site on the UND Emergency Preparedness site at