Yayyy! They arrested Josh Fox…  Wait what?

As I saw this article come floating across my Facebook page I thought I was going to be happy that the ass hole finally got what he deserved, but the only problem is that I am on his side this time.   He was trying to film a public congressional hearing regarding the EPA’s report on Pavillion, Wy. He didn’t have all the paperwork he needed, but they still shouldn’t have arrested him. Apparently, it is not uncommon for film crews to be lacking the necessary paperwork, but still be allowed to film (Fox claims he attempted to get the paperwork earlier in the day and was denied, but I would bet they had a reason).  Regardless, He was not causing any real trouble, and given the situation, I probably would have done the same thing.

This act by the GOP will only give his second documentary more power.  Realistically, I would have liked to see what the EPA had to say regarding their report.  I read the report the day it was released on the internet and the only thing they really found was hydrocarbons in a formation that produces hydrocarbons, and drilling chemicals that they used to drill their own monitoring wells. Also, they use the word ground water and do not clarify that it is not drinking water as you are lead to believe by all the newspaper authors that did not know the difference.  I do not think the EPA’s report would have ever made it through a real peer review process because the dots they try to connect are too far apart (or don’t exist at all).  If you thought the report provided the link between hydraulic fracturing and ground water contamination, please read the follow up articles that were posted a few weeks later. Industry, the state of WY, and newspapers all had rebuttals. Papers by the USGS in the 1990s show similar “contamination” problems which seems to indicate that the EPA didn’t do a very good literature review (before the area was fracked).  It really does not matter at this point the damage has already been done, but it was clear that the release of a draft document was more driven by agenda than science. (Try to find other documents released the same way.  I bet you will not find many)

I apologize for not sourcing any of my statements. I’m too lazy tonight, but I wanted to say something about this before I forgot about it.  If you have any questions about anything I said please just ask and I will hunt up the necessary links. (You could always just Google it)