How to Buy a Used WRX

I've been in the market for a used car.  I've been looking for something fun with AWD so that basically gets me into Subaru land.  I decided awhile back I was going to get a used WRX.  I had no idea how hard it would be to find a good one.  Anyway, it has all equated...

Josh Fox in Jail

Yayyy! They arrested Josh Fox…  Wait what? As I saw this article come floating across my Facebook page I thought I was going to be happy that the ass hole finally got what he deserved, but the only problem is that I am on his side this time.   He was trying to film a...

Not Dead

I've been away for work most of the last two months.  I will probably have some time to get some new stuff up next week if I'm lucky, but I might just go fishing.

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