I do not have many regular readers because I do not post often enough, but if you are wondering why I have not posted anything I have been busy.  Work and other summer activities have consumed my time.  I have had a few work trips this summer, and went to Hawaii for about two weeks. There have been a lot of things happening in the world of fracking, but I haven’t bothered to post.  Industry has a pretty good handle on countering claims made by the anti fracking crowd, so I have been less frustrated.  That said Josh Fox has released some ridiculous videos claiming to have uncovered hidden papers proving that the industry is aware of damage they have caused.  He likens the documents to internal memos in cigarette companies, but fails to mention that his “hidden” documents are nothing more than professional papers that are public (You do need a subscription to have access in some cases). I will not get into the technical details, but the papers are meant for geologic modelers modelers and/or best practice manuals to avoid potential issues (how not to cause contamination). None of the papers indicate an “unfixable” problem. In fact most of the papers were talking about things to avoid causing problems. Industry seems to have there ass better covered as they are able to send out notifications to their professionals in a much shorter period of time than before.  It was comical watching Josh Fox remove comments on his video that factually refuted what he intentionally misstated. My opinion of him actually got worse as a result.  The man is a total coward who has no real interest in the truth or finding solutions to a problems.  He makes videos to stay famous, and he has to keep up the act to maintain a following.

I have had a few posts planned for a long time, but I don’t know when I will have time to get to them.  You should bother me about the lightning detector post, so I take the time to build it and write about it.   I will probably have limited internet access for the next few weeks again.