Normally I try to stay out of the Global Warming debate because I really don’t see it as a debate, but lately Fox New has really irritated me.  Snow storms in no way represent the world as a whole.  Are their newscasters really as stupid as the sound or is all just a ratings game to them?  Sadly the people who watch Fox News often believe what they hear and the newscaster’s stupidity is passed along to the viewers.

People really should realize that humans do in fact have the power to screw up the planet in a multitude of ways, but for some reason there is still debate on the topic.   CO2 and particulate in the atmosphere have an effect on the global climate.  It is possible that climate change is partially/dominantly natural, but humans are defiantly having an affect on the rate of change.

Normally both MSNBC and Fox news are total crap, but MSNBC is right about this one.