Drupal died on me, and rather than take the time to fix it I just moved to wordpress which should be better in the long run.  It uses less system resources, and it is more user friendly. (not that durpal was bad)  Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to port things over properly.  I still have my databases so I’ll probably fix it, but I might just re-add everything one post at a time.  If you want something back asp just let me know.

Edit: Posts are being re-added one at a time. Several are scheduled to reappear within the next few days. All attached files should also reappear, but they are in new directories so the old download links are not working. If I notice a large amount of 404’s I will replace the files, but I don’t think I had anyone hotlinking so it shouldn’t be an issue.
If a search engine is trying to send you to something you need just ask. Full quality images will also be re-added once I have time.